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In addition to writing books, I work as a private writing coach/tutor, providing individualized, one-on-one support for clients of all ages. Via virtual conferencing, I assist with all aspects of the writing process, from idea development and content editing to sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and even navigating the publishing industry.

Based on your unique goals, we'll work together to improve your individual projects as well as your writing skills in general. So whether you're writing a manuscript, a short story, a blog, or something else entirely, I can help you get it into the best shape it can be! 

Contact me to schedule your free, over-the-phone consultation for pricing and details.



- Ivonne H. 

"Alex has been working with me for almost a year and she is an amazing tutor. She consistently helps me reach my goals and she is patient and encouraging. Hiring her is the best educational investment I have ever made for myself. I recently recommended her to a friend who was looking for a tutor for her two kids and they all love her now too. Alex is an amazing tutor. She really knows her work."

"It’s difficult to find a writing tutor. I interviewed several candidates before I found Alex. She is a well-established writer and author with a quirky, bubbly personality. Writing sucks when you’re awful, but Alex makes it bearable (sometimes fun too!). Writing is a personal art that has been emotionally challenging for me for years. Alex fosters a judgement-free environment and is superb at giving constructive criticism that doesn’t hurt. 

Over the last 6 months, my writing has improved remarkably! I’m making fewer grammar errors and crafting better sentences. Working with her has been a blast and she has molded me into a much stronger communicator. Her passion for words is contagious. She has me writing poems and reading Fight Club for FUN! That would have been torture a year ago. Finding her is one of the best things that has happened to me this year."

"I have been seeing Alex for roughly 6 months and I can already see the major improvements in my writing and speaking skills. With two one-hour sessions per week and putting in consistent work together, my improvements are major. I love that she is able to cater to my work and in-office projects. Alex’s patience and punctuality puts her way ahead of other people. I highly recommend her if you are looking for quick and major improvements in the English language."

- Victor C. 

- Vema R. 

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