Just try pausing this pulse-pounding debut.

- Top Picks from an Audible Editor, Fall Preview



From the beginning, Alex felt things very deeply. One of her mom’s favorite anecdotes is about the first time she took young Alex to see a movie in the movie theatre. It was your typical kids’ movie—it was animated, rated G, and had a happy ending. But when the credits rolled and the lights came one, Alex’s mom looked over at her youngest daughter to see that she was silently weeping. It wasn’t that the story was sad—remember the happy ending!—it was that the enormity of all those characters’ emotions on the big screen was just too much for her to handle.

Feeling this deeply could make life exhausting. She forgot to bring her textbook home from school? Calamity! She got the role of Juliet in her eight-grade rendition of Romeo and Juliet? Joy of joys! She was starting high school and had to learn the layout of a new building? Someone get this girl a Xanax.

While she was navigating the world with this overactive amygdala, Alex was also busy dreaming of becoming a novelist.

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